Tuesday Meetings

Dear Writer,

The Tuesday Night Group grew out of the Thursday Night Group.  We used to meet at the tiny café at Borders Books (remember them?).  Sometimes it got so crowded, writers were literally piled on top of each other like a cheerleader’s pyramid.  You couldn’t hear, and you couldn’t concentrate.  Rather than limit attendance (or turn people away), it made sense to add an additional night.  After Borders closed, we were lucky enough to find Panera Bread, and they’ve been terrific hosts.  Plus they have a lot more room!

Like Thursdays, we usually get 12-15 people, although we’ve had as many as 20.  Remember, writers can READ every week.  We encourage you to bring something to share, even if it’s less than 10 pages.  The more, the merrier.  We will always find room for you, believe me.

We usually break up into 2-4 tables, with 3-4 readers at each table.  Each reader gets around 45 minutes total–to read their pages out loud or have them read silently.  The critics then have additional time to go through the manuscript, make notes or add comments,  Then we move around the table & every critic gets a chance to speak.  As noted in the section on critique etiquette, comments should be brief and to the point, but never cruel.   We provide Kleenex, but no sharp instruments.

The Tuesday Night Group uses YAHOO to send out the weekly invitations (basically a reminder).  Michael is in charge of Yahoo registration, & it’s simple.  Once registered, you can opt to receive ALL notices, or just the SPECIAL notices–which normally consists of the weekly invitation, the STATS (how many people are attending) and sometimes special guest/special events.  It’s easy, since responding to an email only takes 5 seconds.  We only want to know if you’re coming & if you’re reading, that’s all.  Once we have a final tally, we can tell you how many copies of your pages you should bring, if it’s LESS than the standard 6 copies.

Our meetings start at 6:00 and run until 9:00.  Many people come early to eat, visit and socialize.  It’s never dull. After all, we’re all on the same journey.  And Panera has GREAT food.

Please be courteous to your fellow writers and arrive on time.

Here’s to smooth sailing, and printers that never jam, and words that roll off your tongue like precious pearls.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Panera’s!


Chris and Mike
Tuesday Moderators

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