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This page is to stimulate discussion on writers’ topics of interest.  Please feel free to participate!

1. Should individuals within Littleton Writers have access to the entire email mailing  list?

2. Should individuals within Littleton Writers use any Littleton Writers mailing list to create their own messages and announcements or use the Yahoo group, RMFW SW Critique Group: Tuesday for such announcements?

3. Should the Thursday group start a yahoo group specifically for such discussions?


One thought on “Forum & Links

  1. It seems to me this is a question of ethical use. There are rules and established norms for everything. Is my use of the critique group email list an appropriate use? If the answer is yes, then there is no problem. Unfortunately, there will always be individuals who abuse privileges for personal benefit without considering the negative externalities of their actions. I can’t imagine that for a small critique group the subject of abuse would arise. I have no problem with making my email available to all in the group. It’s easy enough to get anyway.

    I think the issue shifts more to costs related to abuse. In my opinion, if an issue arises it should brought by the injured party or parties to the President–or whatever the appropriate title is–who would bring it before the group to make a decision or take a vote regarding costs. Perhaps, there might be a statement in the policy regarding potential costs.

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