Colorado Gold Contest Guide

So you’ve decided you can write a book and more than just thinking about it, you’ve actually got something saved in your laptop or on a zip drive.  You’ve attended a few RMFW workshops, and decided it’s time to see what some impartial judges think about your manuscript, so you’re going to enter the COLORADO GOLD Contest.  Can a critique group help?

You bet.

First, our critique group will put extra eyes on the manuscript to ferret out misspellings, botched attributions, broken grammar rules and roaming POV.  Proofreading is essential to submitting a quality contest entry.

Next, the dreaded synopsis.   Let’s face it, summarizing a 300 plus page manuscript into four pages or even two intimidating.  Most new writers struggle to present the story arch, the character’s journey and other story elements.  The input from others around a table is not just valuable, its priceless.

The months before the GOLD deadline produce some of my favorite nights at critique group.  I enjoy hearing and reading the twenty pages folks will enter.  Think about it.  With all the effort they put into preparation, it should be some of their best work.  Several–I’m talking more than a dozen–of our members have stood on the stage as finalist in the contest.  And several have been winners.  They’re good people and they enjoy helping others.

Check the RMFW website– – for details about the contest.  Entries are typically due the first of June each year.  And there are other contests, too.  Google: Crested Butte Writers, Pikes Peak Writers, Southwest Writers, Northern Colorado Writers and Pacific Northwest Writers.

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