Unknown Writers’ Contest 2015

This note from ZJ:

The annual Unknown Writers’ Contest, sponsored by the Denver Woman’s Press Club, is coming up once more.  Last year, ZJ, was one of the winners in this contest, so be sure to check in with him for more information.

Meanwhile, here’s the link you need to get started. Good luck, and good writing!

Denver Woman’s Press Club Unknown Writer’s Contest

Congrats to Littleton Writers in the Anthology!

The results are out and RMFW now definitely has an anthology releasing at Colorado Gold this year, and three Littleton writers (two current and one alum) have been selected for inclusion! So help me in offering congratulations to ZJ Czupor, Martha Husain, and Angie Hodapp! You should see their names in print in a couple of months.

The anthology received 51 entries, of which 15 were selected, which is tough odds. I saw many more familiar names from Littleton Writers and I can attest that all of the entries were top-notch – better than my own submission, which was part of the 2009 Anthology. The bar has been raised and we have all done our part in raising it!

Congratulations ZJ, Martha, and Angie! And to everyone who submitted. I hope to hear soon about stories that weren’t selected for the anthology finding good homes in other short story venues!

Thanks to Nikki Baird for this story and all of her work in putting together the anthology project.  Here is a list of all contributing authors, from Angie Hodapp’s FB site:

Linda Berry
Tracy Brisendine
ZJ Czupor
Warren Hammond
Angie Hodapp
Martha Husain
Thea Hutcheson
Laura Kjosen
Kate Lansing
Margaret Mizushima
Zach Milan
Rebecca Rowley
Lisa Silver
Emily Singer
Brian Winstead

Broken Places

Gregory Lawrence Tafferty

June 23, 1967 – January 10, 2014

Beloved Husband

Looking at the tombstone rather than the casket, my situation seems somehow less . . .  Real.

I don’t know why.

Julianne sobs and I reach out to her.

From behind me: “It is time.”

It’s been there since the ER doctor declared TOD.

I’ve avoided looking at it, naming it–Julianne’s the believer, not me.

But its glow warms my broken heart.

“Mortals are stronger in their broken places.”

Julianne loves Hemingway.

Withdrawing my hand, I turn toward. . .Michael. Toward His light.

For her sake, I hope the angel’s right.


James Norris of Littleton Writers GroupJames Norris has been with Littleton Writers for several years, and continues to work in a variety of genres and story lengths.

Novel in 6 Words Competition

Thank you to everyone who participated in our “novel in six words” competition, held in October.  In honor of Ernest Hemingway’s – “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn” our writers tried their hands at similar succinct storytelling. Here is a sampling of the great work we received:

Failed challenge, but still saved planet. – Jacob Browne

Lost your wedding ring. Not sorry. – Jacob Browne (honorable mention)

Died yesterday. Became Reaper. Miss You. – Jacob Browne (honorable mention)

Parachute fails. Man lands. Honeymoon over. – Liz Funk (honorable mention)

Wife buys arsenic. Husband found dead. – Liz Funk

“He seemed normal,” says shaken neighbor. – Liz Funk

Gamble Safety. Its Worth the Risk. – Elizabeth Hall

Black night, sinking stars:  dead spouse. – Mimi Hassouna

He left. I breathed. Moved on. – Trish Hermanson (honorable mention)

Just died, but I’m still breathing. – Trish Hermanson

Tomb – cheap. Used only three days. – Trish Hermanson (honorable mention)

Running slower. He’s gaining. No hope. – Ed Hickok

Pigeons coo. Glancing up. Bird poop! – Ed Hickok

One word removes my future: cancer. – Ed Hickok (First Place winner)

The zombies approached. She escaped … almost. – Laurence MacNaughton

The dime always needs replacing. – Charles Senseman

Gestalt annihilation flailing on bended knee. – Charles Senseman

Whimsical pigs aspirations (spelled vertically) capitalist butcher paradigm. – Charles Senseman

Special thanks to John Turley for acting as judge for this contest. Please keep a lookout for future writing challenges.