1.19.15 Update

The RMFW loop announced Thursday that our own Daven Anderson will be having a book signing at the 2nd & Charles bookstore in Aurora.  Daven’s book, Vampire Syndrome Saga, has been a treat for many of us to read with a down syndrome hero, Jack, learning to survive as a vampire.  Thanks to Kevin Wolf for this update.

ZJ Czopor sent the following links for general review and reflection.  Anyone interested in hosting a discussion of these on Thursday before group?

What traditional publishing learned in 2014:


Why the self-published e-book is no longer the “new query:”


And lastly, can you trust the tag, “New York Times Bestseller” in looking for quality reading:


Have a great writing week, friends, and please let me know if you have news, links, or thoughts to share with the group.


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