1.19.15 Update

The RMFW loop announced Thursday that our own Daven Anderson will be having a book signing at the 2nd & Charles bookstore in Aurora.  Daven’s book, Vampire Syndrome Saga, has been a treat for many of us to read with a down syndrome hero, Jack, learning to survive as a vampire.  Thanks to Kevin Wolf for this update.

ZJ Czopor sent the following links for general review and reflection.  Anyone interested in hosting a discussion of these on Thursday before group?

What traditional publishing learned in 2014:


Why the self-published e-book is no longer the “new query:”


And lastly, can you trust the tag, “New York Times Bestseller” in looking for quality reading:


Have a great writing week, friends, and please let me know if you have news, links, or thoughts to share with the group.

Unknown Writers’ Contest 2015

This note from ZJ:

The annual Unknown Writers’ Contest, sponsored by the Denver Woman’s Press Club, is coming up once more.  Last year, ZJ, was one of the winners in this contest, so be sure to check in with him for more information.

Meanwhile, here’s the link you need to get started. Good luck, and good writing!

Denver Woman’s Press Club Unknown Writer’s Contest