Put Littleton Writers on Your New Year’s Resolutions List

This is that special time of year when we look around and ask ourselves if our lives are going in the best direction for us.  Maybe we resolve to lose those five pounds or we promise ourselves that the garage will not get so dirty any more.

Maybe this is the year that the ol’ Writer’s Platform is going to get some real attention. Or that we WILL send more stories out to the publishing world.

This is also that time of year when you receive enough “begging letters” to make you feel like Scrooge no matter how much you give.  Well, let’s add Littleton Writers to the list. But I’m not asking for your money.  I’m asking for your time.

This website is easy to “maintain,” but is becoming quite dated over all.  Our writing group also deserves a “social” person to help us put together a few events for our group–meetings without critiques but with discussions on growing our careers, parties in the summer and winter, etc.

If part of your New Years’ Resolutions include becoming more involved with your communities, perhaps you can contact me (Liesa) and let me know what you might be interested in helping with.  Here are some specific tasks that could use your creative helping hands:

  • 2nd Thursday Moderator — Yep, I skip out once a month to go to the Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America meeting.  I would like to hand off the 2nd Thursday moderator position to someone who will either moderate or convince some other lucky soul to do this job.
  • Website Warrier — This task master needs to be able to find people to update pages or do it him/herself.  I’ll be happy to share my limited knowledge on how to get things done here, but the site can only stay up-to-date with group input.
  • Social Coordinator — This is someone who is outgoing enough to say “Hey, it’s been a while.  How ’bout we get together at –“
  • Tuesday/Thursday Liaison — This is a job for someone with a foot in each door.  He/she should like working with MailChimp and Yahoo loops in order to keep everyone updated on Tuesday/Thursday news and needs.

That’s it for now. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season, and a brilliant New Year.

Great Times at the Holiday Party

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to Michele Winkler and her husband, Dave Madorsky.  This past Sunday they hosted our annual Littleton Writers’ Holiday Party.  While a small group, we made up for it with great good cheer all around.

Littleton Writers Holiday Party 2014 (2)

Daven and his entourage of Vanna White imitators

There was, as always, plenty of good food and drink and each time we visit the Winkler-Madorsky home, it’s easier to find, and boasts a warmer welcome.  It’s a great way to put a period to another writing year, and set new hopes for the future.  Here are a few pictures (thanks, ZJ) we hope  you’ll enjoy.    See you next time!

Littleton Writers Holiday Party 2014

Some of the writers who attended this year’ holiday party: Michele, Liesa, ZJ, Mindy and Daven

Littleton Writers Holiday Party 2014 (3)

Great food, great conversations, great times for all who attended

Littleton Writers Holiday Party 2014 (4)

Marta, Dave & Michele enjoy the spirit of the holidays together