10.20.14 – Christina Baker Kline Coming Our Way

1. From Liz Funk:

My book club is reading New York Times best selling Orphan Train and I saw that the author is coming to Smoky Hill library.  She might provide some great insight into writing/getting published. Interested?  Here’s the website:


2. Trying the NaNoWriMo Challenge?

Okay, all you great writers!  Time to sharpen those story-telling skills–or at least learn to chunk a bunch of words on a page.  National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo is coming soon.  This is one of those bucket list items.  You gotta try it once, right? Want to know how it all works? Check out the site and grab up your courage.  Then, let me know and we’ll keep your name on our members’ credits and kudos page.  Just send me an email and I’ll put you on the list.  Good luck and happy writing.  Remember: you can write well or you can write poorly, but you must never write nothing!

3. In case you missed it:

Joan Johnston did a great job of presenting “Writing A Series That Will Sell Endlessly” this past Saturday.  Her no nonsense approach to writing as a business was gripping, and her anecdotes about the writing life kept the large group at the Southglenn Library enthralled for two hours.  Here’s some interesting “trivia” with regard to selling books:

Did you know . . .

80% of all books sold are sold to women
52% of the book market is all about romance
25-27% of books sold reside in the mystery/thriller market
… You should always keep your own name on all of your work, even if you bounce between genres.  You’re branding here, folks, and your name is important.
… And if you use a pen name be sure to trademark it.
… Your readers become invested emotionally with your characters–so make your characters likable!
… If you’re thinking of writing, have a series in mind.  Here are some ways to branch out and write a series:

  • Use Families – this approach has helped Joan write 57 (or was that 58) novels since 1983
  • Use a mobile character – like Jack Reacher so that setting becomes the major change between books
  •  Develop an entire locality, either made-up or real, but write about it from different perspectives – just be sure to LOVE your local and characters because in a series you’ll be writing about them for a long time to come.

Happy writing everyone.  See you either Tuesday or Thursday nights!