Broken Places

Gregory Lawrence Tafferty

June 23, 1967 – January 10, 2014

Beloved Husband

Looking at the tombstone rather than the casket, my situation seems somehow less . . .  Real.

I don’t know why.

Julianne sobs and I reach out to her.

From behind me: “It is time.”

It’s been there since the ER doctor declared TOD.

I’ve avoided looking at it, naming it–Julianne’s the believer, not me.

But its glow warms my broken heart.

“Mortals are stronger in their broken places.”

Julianne loves Hemingway.

Withdrawing my hand, I turn toward. . .Michael. Toward His light.

For her sake, I hope the angel’s right.


James Norris of Littleton Writers GroupJames Norris has been with Littleton Writers for several years, and continues to work in a variety of genres and story lengths.