Novel in 6 Words Competition

Thank you to everyone who participated in our “novel in six words” competition, held in October.  In honor of Ernest Hemingway’s – “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn” our writers tried their hands at similar succinct storytelling. Here is a sampling of the great work we received:

Failed challenge, but still saved planet. – Jacob Browne

Lost your wedding ring. Not sorry. – Jacob Browne (honorable mention)

Died yesterday. Became Reaper. Miss You. – Jacob Browne (honorable mention)

Parachute fails. Man lands. Honeymoon over. – Liz Funk (honorable mention)

Wife buys arsenic. Husband found dead. – Liz Funk

“He seemed normal,” says shaken neighbor. – Liz Funk

Gamble Safety. Its Worth the Risk. – Elizabeth Hall

Black night, sinking stars:  dead spouse. – Mimi Hassouna

He left. I breathed. Moved on. – Trish Hermanson (honorable mention)

Just died, but I’m still breathing. – Trish Hermanson

Tomb – cheap. Used only three days. – Trish Hermanson (honorable mention)

Running slower. He’s gaining. No hope. – Ed Hickok

Pigeons coo. Glancing up. Bird poop! – Ed Hickok

One word removes my future: cancer. – Ed Hickok (First Place winner)

The zombies approached. She escaped … almost. – Laurence MacNaughton

The dime always needs replacing. – Charles Senseman

Gestalt annihilation flailing on bended knee. – Charles Senseman

Whimsical pigs aspirations (spelled vertically) capitalist butcher paradigm. – Charles Senseman

Special thanks to John Turley for acting as judge for this contest. Please keep a lookout for future writing challenges.